Environmental Exchange Group | International energy and commodities trading company
The Environmental Exchange Group (EEG) is a commodity trading and sustainability consulting firm. Physical energy and environmental commodity trading and sustainability consulting are at the core of our business, complemented by supply chain management services.
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Environmental Exchange Group is one of the world’s leading boutique commodity trading and diversion companies. We’re at the heart of the global economy. Every day, we are taking trade a step further – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. As we empower local producers and move commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are needed, we see the positive force that is global trade and we go the extra miles to make it work better.


Oil & Petroleum Products

We are one of the fastest growing independent traders of oil and petroleum products. We have successfully incorporated renewable distillates into existing crude streams and creatively marketed residual petrochemicals and byproducts.

Rice, Sugar and Other Agricultural Commodities

We trade agricultural commodities from producers around the world. Our global network includes producers from South America, Southeast Asia, and emerging markets. We develop mutually beneficial solutions to meet the needs of cultivators and end-users.


We source a variety of chicken parts directly from local farms in North America and South America. We source and market products that meet a plethora of dietary needs, including halal, kosher, and organic, free range chickens.

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Focused Physical Trading

We bridge the gap to make trade work better. We source products from local producers and can deliver on-spec and on-time almost anywhere in the world.

End-to-End Management

We build value into each stage of the supply chain, offering sustainable solutions that streamline and simplify transporting commodities from point A to B.

Competitive Analysis

We expand and create new product categories, enabling clients to discover and leverage opportunities. We facilitate new relationships and strengthen connections between suppliers and end-users.

One of the world’s leading boutique commodity trading houses.

Enhancing energy security through environmental stewardship.