Environmental Exchange Group | Company Overview
The Environmental Exchange Group (EEG) is a wholesale agricultural and energy commodity sourcing and marketing firm, partnering with local suppliers and producers to support the needs of local economies and a global market.
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Company Overview

Solving tomorrow’s problems, today.

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The Environmental Exchange Group occupies an important role in the future of commodities and supply chains. Our activities balance supply and demand for raw materials in a circular global economy.


Our focus is long-term, creating lasting relationships with producers and end-users worldwide, and we offer a range of services to connect the dots between them. We apply skill, market sense, and a vast network of trusted partners to source and market physical products that meet client specifications and optimize value chains.

Our People

Our global activities are managed regionally, with 60 percent of employees being local nationals. We believe in the strength of diversity, as familiarity with cultural customs and norms presents opportunities and facilitates stronger relationships.

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