Environmental Exchange Group | Sustainability
The Environmental Exchange Group (EEG) is a commodity sourcing and marketing firm, specializing in resource optimization and sustainability. We offer circular supply chain solutions for energy, environmental and agricultural industries, as well as corporate waste diversion programs.
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Waste is a terrible thing to waste.

96% CEOs believe sustainability should be integrated into all aspects of supply chain strategy and operations.

Diversion Programs

We offer customized solutions to assist organizations, large and small, develop and implement waste diversion programs that support waste reduction and the repurposing of materials. In developing targeted recycling and diversion programs, we help organizations identify revenue opportunities that simultaneously reduce environmental impact. Our clients redirect post industrial and municipal waste from landfills and into renewable energy projects aimed at preserving natural resources. Since launching the program in 2014, we have diverted more than 1 million pounds of plastics alone from landfills.


Billion Tons of Industrial Waste Produced Yearly

Project Development

As the world’s population prepares to double by the middle of the 21st century, global waste output is projected to double. Energy infrastructure demands are set to increase by nearly 300 percent. Renewable energy, particularly waste-to-energy (WTE), is an important catalyst to reaching zero waste. Alongside our technology partners we’re providing relief, connecting investors with clean technology systems proven to convert various industrial and municipal waste materials into energy and environmental commodities, such as electricity, crude oil, and clean water. We offer R&D, site assessment, and project management services.