Environmental Exchange Group | Trading
The Environmental Exchange Group (EEG) is a commodity sourcing and marketing firm, specializing in resource optimization and sustainability. We offer circular supply chain solutions for energy, environmental and agricultural industries, as well as corporate waste diversion programs.
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Our practical understanding of sourcing, blending, and marketing commodities encourages market competitiveness and sustainability.


We utilize our global network to optimize supply chains and meet the supply and demand needs of customers around the world. We source from independent producers, private companies, national governments and oil majors, and extend our marketing expertise to smaller producers to help distribute their crude oil production.


Million Barrels Produced Daily


Million Barrels Freely Traded Daily


Million Barrels Consumed in U.S. Daily


Our business helps enhance energy security and promote environmental stewardship by integrating renewable fuels into existing streams.


Understanding regulatory systems, feedstock pricing, and quality parameters for customers is essential to successfully trading renewable fuels. We source supplies from waste-to-energy producers, converting mixed waste plastics into synthetic crude and other petrochemicals. Such products are growing in popularity as they support zero waste efforts, encourage circular supply chains, and can be used in place of fossil fuels in manufacturing. We work closely with our clients to ensure specifications are met and value chains are optimized.

By 2022, at least 36 billion barrels of renewable fuels will be used in the U.S. annually.


Building the next economy through circular supply chains.


We help support global sustainability efforts by supplying a variety of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics to waste-to-energy (WTE) and renewable fuel producers, and green manufacturing companies. We source from a network of strategic partners and members of our corporate diversion program.